How does it work?

Using Bit-Chest is very simple. Just follow these three steps and all your files are safe!

You put your files in the archive folder

Your archive folder is a regular folder next to your Documents. Simply copy the files you want to preserve into that folder! Bit Chest will analyze and upload your files for you and notify you when your upload is finished.
Afterwards, you can do with your files whatever you want – because they are safely stored on our internet servers.

You need your files back

If you need files back, just go into our web interface, select which files you need and click the button. Our servers will then start to make your files available for you and your computer will download them automatically when they’re ready. This will take some time, so just leave your computer at it and your files will be ready when you return. You can download 10% of your data for free each month. If you need more of your data in a pinch, you can download it for a cheap 25 ct/GB.

Rest assured, knowing that your files are safe

Once put into the archive, your files are safe. No matter what you do with your own computers, we will keep them safe and secure for you and make sure you can get back to your memories whenever you need to.

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