Inexpensive long-term storage

Pay as you go

Using Bit Chest is not only very simple and safe,  but also very inexpensive. You pay only for what you use, based on our low pricing starting at just 5 cents per gigabyte per month.

That means that you will never overpay, because we track how much data you have stored in Bit Chest each month and will only charge for that exact amount.

But it get’s even better, because we’ll make it cheaper the more you store. Once you reach a stored capacity of 1 terabyte, we’ll reduce the price by 10% for all of your stored data, not just everything that’s over one terabyte.

So Bit Chest is inexpensive to begin with, and it gets even more so the more you use it!

Capped price and prepaid plans

For our Professional and Enterprise users we have another option: prepaid plans and price caps.

Simply set up a maximum price, and we won’t exceed that maximum. Once you near your cap, we’ll warn you so that you can prepare for that case.

Of course, the same price drop as for the Personal plan also applies to the Professional and Enterprise plans: Once you reach 1 terabyte of stored capacity, your price drops by 10% for all of your stored files.

Bit Chest is so affordable – you should sign up for it!

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