You can store as much or as little as you like

From small…

You only need to store a handful of files? Or thousands of them? Doesn’t matter, you can store as little or as much as you need. Since we count every byte that you store with Bit Chest individually, you only pay exactly for what you use.

Let’s say you need to store 15GB of data (your emails, some important documents and a few pictures) in the Personal plan. In total, your files come to, say, 15,678,901,234 bytes of data. Quite a lot! Since you’re on the Personal plan, each Byte costs a mere 0.000000005 cents. That’s not very much. If we multiply the cost per byte with the bytes we want to store, this comes out to 78.39 cents. And that’s exactly what you’ll pay us!

If you store two hundred more megabytes next month, so 15,878,901,234 Bytes, it’ll be 79.39 cents.

You pay exactly as much as you use.

But it gets even better, because once you reach one terabyte of stored data, we’ll reduce the total price by 10%. That reduction applies to your total stored data, not just the data that’s over one terabyte. That way, inexpensive becomes even more so!

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…to big

At the other end of the scale, if you’re a large corporation, you probably need to store thousands of terabytes. Not a problem! The tape and disk libraries we use to store your data are prepared for Exabytes of storage space.

If you have special requirements or need large amounts of storage, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Just contact us and we’ll find a solution for your archive needs!