Simple but powerful

The following features are available to you once you sign up with Bit Chest.

Simple to use

It’s as easy as copying a file! Just put your files into the archive folder and we’ll take care of the rest. No more burning, handling and storing CDs and hard drives!

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Using redundant storage technology we guarantee 99.99999999% durability. No more worrying about breaking or losing your CDs, hard drives or your files!

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You pay only for what you use, based on our low pricing starting at just 5 cents per Gigabyte per month.

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No time limit

We’ll keep your files safe for as long as you need them. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a year or a decade – or longer.

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World-class encryption using well-known standards ensures that only you can access your private files.

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You only need to store a handful of files? Or thousands of them? Doesn’t matter, you can store as little or as much as you need.

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Professional features

You’re a professional, and the feature set of the Personal plan isn’t enough for you, but you still want to keep the simplicity and power of Bit Chest? Have a look at our additional Pro features!

Prepaid plans

You need to know what each month will cost beforehand? Simply set up a prepaid plan or a price barrier, so you’ll never exceed your budget.

Multiple users

Professionals work as teams! Have everyone on your team sign in with their own account and work together. Access settings are included, of course.

Activity reports

Need to see how much each of your accounts did during some time period? We’ll generate a report and email it to you!

Automatic expiry

Do you need to keep your files for a certain time, but no longer? We’ll automatically take care of that with an automatic policy.

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Enterprise features

You need all the power you can get, have complex requirements and need to monitor that everything is in order? Then the Enterprise plan is for you. We would like to discuss your needs, so why don’t you contact us!

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